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Operations Director

Keeping Us Moving Forward

Seven years ago, Jay’s wardrobe began to explode with pink!

Four years into his seven-year career at Kent Dog Walker, Jay seized the opportunity to spearhead a franchise for off-lead exercise. It has been a worthwhile adventure, one he wouldn’t change or trade for anything.

Now, he is proud to be the Operations Director for Kent’s largest multi-service dog care provider.

Jay’s top priority is ensuring the happiness and safety of the dogs, providing a one-of-a-kind service to their wonderful customers, and being the best leader and role model to his team.

He maintains a down-to-earth yet totally professional approach in the lively world of canine care

Balancing operations, logistics, and management among many other responsibilities in the ever-growing and evolving big pink machine, Jay challenges the conventional director role. Always going against the norm, he relishes breaking free from the desk, embracing the mud and the outdoors, and enjoying special moments with the dogs, their owners, and his wonderful, individually handpicked team. These are moments he loves and cherishes always.

It’s always good for Jay to remember where he comes from and to look at what he has been a part of creating.


“Small but feisty”


19th September

Favourite Dog

Alaskan Malamute

Favourite CITY


Favourite Film

The Hunger Games