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Charlie is the founder of Kent Dog Walker. Her passion for dogs, business, and delivering excellent service has grown the business from walking a single dog to what it is today…

For any of you who know Charlie, you know what a chatterbox she is, but this friendly, energetic, and inquisitive nature has got her this far… she loves people as much as dogs and really enjoys talking and building relationships which is how especially in the early years the team has grown.

For almost 10 years Charlie has covered all aspects of the business like most people who own their own business, having to wear all the hats has been something of a necessity. She is super excited to finally be in a position to join forces with her former franchises Jamie, Jay, and Briony as equal partners, to finally be able to get to a point where she can concentrate on doing what she loves and excels at; which is growing and strengthening the brand.

From day one of starting the business, although it was initially meant to be a stopgap until she figured out “what she wanted to do” – she protected her brand and created plenty of opportunities to nurture further down the line. She has always been a driving force and now with her full-time position being able to unleash all her creativity and energy into branding, marketing, and expansion, Kent Dog Walker is set to be flying even higher.

She always had a clear vision of where she wanted to take KDW, and from an acorn, the company is now an established oak, with so much more maturing to do.

Charlie is a whirlwind but she has a big heart and believes in treating those around her, especially those who work with and for her with the utmost kindness, care, and love. She considers one of her strongest skills to be building relationships and nurturing talents in those around her in order to get the best out of her team and watch them grow as individuals and within the team.

She is a huge advocate for mental health and throughout her journey at KDW has been through some of the most difficult personal struggles, so believes in giving back where she can and offers both personal and professional help to any of the team suffering.

Her team would consider her fun, passionate, driven, and exhausting to work with – but a girl with a vision”.


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28th January

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Cape Town

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Legally Blonde